Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspired Thanks!

Inspiration for my cards comes in a variety of ways! It could be something I see in a book or on a table cloth! : ) My card today was inspired by a gift my friend, Barb, gave to me.

I was completely surprised a couple of weeks ago when I got home from my Mother-in-Law's birthday party!! Barb and a "partner in crime", Diane, had come in to the house and set up a huge! surprise in my kitchen : ) Part of the surprise was that it wasn't my birthday! LOL

Barb said I'd looked sad the last time she saw me and wanted to do something special! the gifts were 8 amazing ribbon caddies and some ribbon... ?spools? I'm not sure what you call them but you wrap your loose ribbon on them. I'll include some pictures! : ) (that will be easier than trying to explain! heeheehee) I had all this ribbon stuffed in a drawer! What a blessing my new organizers are! : ) She also brought some deep fried green beans! You have to trust me on this- they are awesome!! a coupon for fresh picked Strawberries (which she delivered two days later! yummmmm). Balloons, flowers and a fan! : ). Isn't Barb amazing!?

ANYWAY! the picture below doesn't show the bouquet of balloons including a sweet Mylar balloon - the inspiration for a thank you card I made for Barb.

How could anyone be sad with friends like these!! I am a very rich girl!! my heart overflows with love for Barb and her "partner in crime" : )

Thank you for visiting my ant hill : )


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