Saturday, December 8, 2018

Another Sneaky Peek from Patti for Penny : )

Hello friends : )

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.  I just have another tease for you today from the new "Happy Heart Day" release from Penny Black that will be available soon!!

I wanted to show you my whole card because I'm terrible at keeping secrets!! I remember how carefully my parents kept me from seeing my siblings' gifts before Christmas because I would nearly burst with the excitement to share!! That is exactly how I feel about this release from Penny Black.  BUT!! mums the word so don't try to coax it out of me!! : )

BIG (((HUGS)))


Jeanne said...

Thanks for being strong even when it is hard. This looks adorable!!!

Lisa Elton said...

I spy some cuteness!

Patti said...

Thanks girls!! : ) It truly is one of my favorites.

I Card Everyone said...

You were a very good sister, Patti. Christmas wishes are a treasured thing!
I can't wait to see it ALL!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Super cute and can't wait to see more.

Bobby said...

It's a cute peek and I can't wait to see it all, which is exactly the point isn't it Patti? ;)

cm said...

You're very good at keeping 'secrets' and I know that feeling of wanting to burst with sharing them! This little bug has me intrigued!