Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been "photo" tagged!

My pajama clad friend in Las Vegas Baby, pjpants has "tagged" me. Please come play along with this bloggers game. You are to go to where you store your pictures on your computer - go to the 6th folder and select the 6th picture. Post the picture on your blog along with a description of it then tag 6 other blogging friends and challenge them to do the same. Be sure to come back and post to this thread that your picture is posted after you have posted it to your blog! Have fun!! and thanks for playing along : )

This picture comes from my 6th folder which is my genealogy folder. This is a picture of my maternal great, great grandfather. If you look closely you will the the thumb on his left hand is missing. He lost that thumb in the Civil War. He was 16 years old - the official government records, witnessed by two others, states that while he was cleaning his gun one of his buddies came up behind him and scared him causing him to discharge his weapon and in the process blowing off his thumb. oh! grandpa! : (

Thanks for playing, I'm off to tag:
My idol, Rae


rae said...

"my idol, Rae" ... girl, you crack me up!! Stop that now, will ya?! ;)

Something else we have in common... Genealogy!! My other hobby is family history research, haven't really touched it since I started cardmaking though :(

I just participated in a photo tag recently on my blog: here is the link to my post:

Have a super weekend my friend!

GiftsByHeidi said...

What a neat photo and story Patti!! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to look in my folders and see what I find...

RDH said...

My pic is up Patti!!! It's not very exciting, but it is pretty. Thanks for the "challenge".