Saturday, January 31, 2009

My friend, Susan, gave me an award!

A Fabulous Blog Award! and coming from Susan this is quite an honor!! In order to accept my award I need to confess 5 addictions that I have. Then I must select 5 of my favorite blogs and ask them to do the same to collect their award! : )

I hate to be a party pooper but I actually don't have any addictions LOL I'm not being snooty here - let me explain! I know this about myself because ---> I have thought at times that I WAS addicted but when I attempted to go without I found I was able to without minimal "pain" So here is a list of some things that I desperately want but can, if I have to, live without : ) hows that? do you think I'll still get the award?? We'll have to see what the judges have to say!

1. DIET PEPSI! it runs in my veins
2. Chocolate well, it doesn't run in my veins but I wish it did and down my chin and off the tips of my fingers!
3. Paper : ) when I buy paper I must buy at least two sheets of the same color because otherwise I don't want to use it. Because if I use it then it'll be gone. I do the same thing with stickers which is really weird because I don't ever use stickers in my card making! I just love stickers LOL
4. Laughter. I actually laugh every day! I love my life and I love my husband. He is the best person I have ever known and BONUS he is really funny! If I don't laugh at some point during even the worst day I feel I am forced to play a joke on my DH like hide his toothbrush or short sheet his side of the bed so that when he attempts to get ready for bed I'll have something to laugh at : ) It hardly ever comes to that .... he usually hides my toothbrush or...... LOL
5.water! I think I am actually addicted to water. Does that count? LOL I'm so boring heehee

Ok lets see what my friends:
Suzanne :0 <---love it!

addictions are! Thanks for playing along girls and BTW Your blogs ARE fabulous!!

(((Hugs))) Patti


ant me. said...

p.s. girls after you post your 5 addictions on your blog come post here again so I can go and read yours. Have fun!


Susan said...

Patti you just crack me up! You always get me to laugh. I have the same problem with buying paper.....always have to buy two of everything....weird huh?

Stampattack said...

Sorry I don't know how to do this.. do I answer on your comment place or in my blog? How do I link it?

Stampattack said...

I think you forgot one thing... Jen shared with me that you cant take a shower till you have brushed your teeth.. is this true?? If this doesn't fit as an addiction.. is it just a verrrry wierd fact??