Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello my name is Vicky,

I'm here with my friend Patti to invite you to visit our other friend, Lisa's, blog. She is giving away a whole-lotta Blog Candy!! Check it out!! and tell her Vicky sent you!

(((Hugs))) and good luck


Anonymous said...

Boy, Patti, that is one good-looking picture of me!!

rubberstampinzone said...

What a tease lol Patti. That is funny! she sure has a round face. You look marvelous dahling!
Thanks so much to you both for posting. Great way to get two entry's Vicky . . tee-hee. Quite creative. I'll give you both two entrys.

Thanks gal's

karen said...

rofl what a great picture!!! love it

GiftsByHeidi said...

So nice to finally "See" Vicky!! Great pic.

Susan said...

Great pic! I'm with nice to "see" Vicky!