Monday, June 1, 2009

It's my BiRtHdAy! BlOg cAnDy TiMe!!

I love my birthday! I mean I really really love my birthday!! No matter how old I get I never stop loving my birthday. On June 4th we celebrate around here!! : ) Actually my wonderful husband usually spoils me and we celebrate a Birthday Week!!

I want to give away this 21 piece clear stamp set by Heidi Grace, and the Prima flower assortment(sorry party hat not included). All you need to do to qualify for my blog candy is to comment on this post and if you like you can link my blog to yours but that is only if you want to : ) In your post please tell me your birthdate (year is not necessary) and maybe a fun memory of a birthday - either yours or someone elses. That's all you have to do!! : )

I will select the winner on June 10th using a random generator (if I can get someone to help me figure out how to do that LOL) After all I am not getting any younger heeheehee. My international friends are welcome!!

Thank you to all my "regular" visitors and welcome new friends!! Thank you for stopping by to help me celebrate my birthday!! : )



Gina said...

Well I love my birthday too. Which is Nov 18th, 1969. Great year! Have fun and always celebrate birthday or not.

Judy said...

Happy birthday Miss Patti! I hope it's a great one. I posted your blog candy in my sidebar. ;)

Jessie F said...

Hi Patti!
It is so great seeing you on-line again! And I hope you have a wonderful birthday week, if anyone deserves a week long birthday it's you!
The birthdays I enjoy the most are my 2 boys, I love seeing their faces light up when they open their presents and the magical look they have when they make their wish before blowing out the candles! Have a really happy birthday Patti! :)
Jessie F xx

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday Dear Pattiiiii, Happy Birthday to YOU! lol
My date of Birth is Aug 24,1971. I will share something funny, I love finding people who share my Birthdate, I should start a group! lol

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Patti!
Congrats on another year older! :)
My birthday is March 8, 1982. My daughter, Zoie's birthday is June 17, 2006 and will be 3 this year. Can you believe it?
I hope you have a wonderful birthday week-long celebration!
Lots of Love,

GiftsByHeidi said...

Hi Patti, Happy early birthday to you!! My birthday is Sept 25th 1977. I remember when I was younger I had a b-day party at McDonalds (that was a big deal!) I got a cake with those sugary hard Ronald McDonald shaped pieces on top. I really loved them and saved them so I could eat them at home after the party. Well in the process of loading up the car, the leftover cake & those delicious sugary pieces were left on top of the car when my mom drove us home!! I never got my leftover b-day cake & sugary pieces. I wonder if it was deliberate by my mom to prevent childhood sugar highs! To this day I still remember that, isn't that funny!?

Janice W. said...

Hi Patti,
I hope you have the best birthday ever!! You deserve it. One of my favorite birthday memories was when I received a Little Locket Kiddle. My best friend had several so when I received one I felt very special. My birthday is Feb. 25, 1961.
Birthday hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Patti! enjoy your birthday week. Party like a rock star! I hope you have a lot of fun and feel like a Queen all week long!
for my memory!
I was in 3rd grade. It was my birthday. I had a special dress and my mother just became a licensed beautician. She thought I would look cute on my special day with a hairpiece. She placed it on my head and styled it. I thought I was a princess. I went to school and was sitting at my desk when all of the sudden a boy named Chris came up behind me and yanked it off. He was the cutest boy in the class. and it broke my heart. When I got home and handed my Mother the hairpiece . . . she was feeling badly and I got a birthday to remember. bad at first and then they spoiled me to make up for it! It's one I always seem to remember.

Hope your birthday is Perfect. I'll post your Birthday blog candy on my blog. I love your birthday too : )

Happy Birthday to you my Sweet friend!

Teri said...

Hi Patti :o)

A very happy birthday to you .... for tomorrow! I hope you are having a wonderful week :o)

My bday is 16th April.

To be honest I can't remember any of mine as a child ..... too long ago!!!! lol Now though, it's my children's birthdays that I love and look forward too. They are all around Christmas time, so it's one long celebration from November through to early February!

Teri xxx

Susan said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy PaTTi! My birthday is September 24th. My grandmother's is Sept.23rd so growing up my family always celebrated the two together. So my childhood memories are of birthdays that were like family reunions since the two celebrations were always combined. I think birthdays are grand! Hope you have a grand time celebrating yours.

Karen said...

hi patti happy birthday! i didnt know yours was coming up how bad is that lol. i dont need entered in the blog candy as i already have that set but thank you. here is the link for the random generator its so easy. hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I'm always so far behind on birthday wishes.
I really hope you have enjoyed yourself. Love the photo. Lot less torture than the photo game at the Wisconsin get-together.
I think you should take the whole month for your birthday. You deserve it.

Kathy said...

HAPPY Birthday wishes ALL week and the rest of the year to you Patti!!!! It is so cool to hear someone being excited about their birthday - besides kids I mean. = )

My b-day is 1/12. No particular memories.

Great blog candy!!!!
Hope this is one of your best years yet!


Gi Gi said...

Happy Birthday Patti!! Hope your birthday is everything you hoped for and more =)
My birthday is Nov 14 so i've got a couple more months to go lol. My funny b-day story ... my friends put my present in a pooh cookie tin and when they gave it to me it reminded me that my parents had given me tickets to go see Cinderella the musical so I told them. I opend the present and oops... they had got me a ticket to go see the same musical. I went with my friends and my parents saw the musical together =) Thanks for doing this giveaway and keep up the good work!

Creativika said...

Hi! Great stamps and flowers! :) My birthday is May 9,1993. Yes, I am 16 years old, but I love scrapbooking. :)) All my birthdays have been funny and interesting, but I remember a surprise-party, we had a lot of fun.
Thanks fot the chance to win!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is Nov. 26. It's always fun since my birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, I usually get a turkey as a gift!

Lynne in NI said...

Hope you've had a wonderful day! I love birthdays too ... mine's coming soon - June 14th. My best birthday was my 40th last year when I shared my party with my aunt who was 70 a couple of days before me and my SIL who is on the same day!

I've linked your candy on My Blog


Cindy K said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI!! I mailed you off a card this morning!! I'm so sorry it will be late. I just adore the picture of you and Anne! What stunning ladies you both are! My birthday is April 18, and you were so sweet to send me tons of Bella images! My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 19. It also happened to fall on Easter that year.
My dear sweet husband,boyfriend at the time, gave me all my favorites, a sleeping bag, a can of black olives (LOVE THEM!!), a square griddle pan, and a big o Easter basket! What a great memory! I hope this will be one for you too!

RDH said...

Hey Patti!! I'm a March 11th girl. I always loved bringing in cookies with candy kisses in them to school for my birthday!!! No need to enter me for the blog candy, I already have this wonderful stamp set. I will however post it on my blog for you!!

Princess Danell said...

My birthday is June 26th, 196?. I am old! This would make a great gift for me. I am adding you to my "creative" blog roll! As for the generator...easy. Add each name in order to the generator list and hit the button. Then, copy and paste onto your blog entry. Then everyone who entered can see what position they came in. I am hoping for first!

Doris said...

Happy Birth-week:) here is my blo, I've poseted about your sweet candy here

I celebrate birthday Sept 12th, I love celebrating with family, in the morning we eat breakfeast together and give presents:) love it:)

*G* said...

Happy, Happy Birtday, Patti!!

My birthday is Sept. 14, 1950. Yeah, I'm THAT old!! =)

I have a hilarious b'day memory. It was only about 2 1/2 yrs. ago. A few family members had stopped by for cake and ice cream. My DH was so proud because he had gotten me a beautiful double chocolate cake from the bakery. He carried the cake to the living room where his mom was sitting to show her the cake. As he tilted it just a bit for her to see the top - you guessed it!! My beautiful double chocolate cake ended up in my MIL's lap!! There was a moment of stunned silence and then hysterical laughter - from everyone but my poor DH. Actually, it was more the top of the cake - the icing - that slid off into her lap. Fortunately, my MIL was sitting there reading a newspaper and had laid it across her lap to see the cake. Her lap was saved but she didn't get to finish the paper. =P

I hope your birthday is filled with smiles and laughter and memories to keep.

Gaye Miller/kraftee2
SE Missouri

Annelies said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. My birthday is on December 1st. A few years ago I got for my 20th birthday from my mom a bus trip to a german christmas market. We had a great time with lots of shopping, eating and drinking gluwhein, so it became a annual tradition. Because we always tell stories about it, my 2 aunts even join us now. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti, happy birthday to you. I am from february 6th, 1961. This year my daughter offered me a wonderful stamp set from SU and she made me cry with happiness! She surely wants to use it too, starts to stamp in her own ways...
Love to join in for the candy!
Lucy from Holland

Chrisi said...

My bday is April 13th - and I love my birthday too! I celebrate most of April and spill into May if it works out well!

Theresa K said...

Hi Patti. Looks like my birthday is the same as Gina, Nov. 18th. I am a little older but that's ok, I dont feel as old as I am.
Hope your birth day or week was wonderful! We send our love as always.
Birthday story. I have one. Laura was about 4 and we make a cake with confetti pieces. Laura had a half dozen or so friends over and once they started eating their cake, Laura father, Craig told the kids it was crayon pieces. One little girl did not like that idea too much and started to vomit right there in the kitchen! That was one unforgettable birthday party! Easy to joke and laugh now but I was not happy that day. Anyway that is the first story I could think of.
Well have to go. Hope your day was the best! Love, Theresa and family

frogers said...

Happy Birthday. My birthday is August 25. Thanks for the chance.

Marit Meijer. said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Thanks for offering this great candy! I'd like a chance to win too! My birthday is the 4th of May.
And my fav. birthday memmorie is the 1st birthday of my little girl! That one is always special... and my little boy is having his 1st birthday this sept the 15th... so I am looking out for that one too!!!

Hugs, Marit.