Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A story about a House Mouse

As promised here is a story about a "House Mouse" that visited me.

Living in the country definitely has it's advantages!! However, sometimes a field mouse will make it's way into the house.  This is NOT ok with me on any level.  Once several years ago I found droppings around the base of my dishwasher.  I immediately placed a trap.  The next day, having forgot all about it,  I got up and went to the kitchen walking around getting breakfast ready.  I am guessing it was at least a half hour before I finally saw this little guy.

Quiet as a mouse! 

I freaked out a bit - not screaming... just panicking!  My husband was gone for the day and I was left with quite a dilemma.  The way this kind of trap it works this is the back of the trap pinches down and stays open until the mouse goes for the bait.  When the mouse puts it's mouth on the bait the trap closes down on the mouse and kills it instantly.  In this case the little rascal got caught on it's foot only.  You can see from the white specks around the floor that it had spent some time trying to chew the plastic trap to free itself.

So my dilhema was how to pick the thing up and relocate it!  If I actually picked it up I was afraid it would get free and be alive in my house! I wanted to kill it but I never wanted to torture it! What to do???

I grabbed an old towel and covered it then scooped it all up and put it into a trash can...

From then on I knew I was home free as far as it getting loose in the house.  I carefully emptied it outside and then pulled the towel off.

I mean it! I really really do not like mice! I really really will not tolerate them in my house but I really really cannot torture anything either so it was hurting me that the mouse must be in pain and great fear.  I couldn't think of any way to kill it instantly so I just wanted to free it.

I ran for a broom and when I came back it had managed to get to the snow covered bush.  All I had to do was pinch the back of the trap with the end of the broom and freed the mouse! woo hoo!!

All this before breakfast!

Why do I love House Mouse? I have no idea LOL but I do : )  Today's card design was inspired by the gals at Mojo Monday challenge blog.

I created some watercolor ink splatters on the background of my white cs in aqua blue and lime green.  Once that was dry I placed two strips of some coordinating Washi Tape : )

This product from PTI is on my wish list : ) so I copied the idea and wrapped myself a little embie from a lime green rick rack - layered my sentiment on top and then added a little stick pin.

I hope you enjoyed the story of my  adventure with my own House Mouse!  LOL and my goofy little card.  I look forward to reading your comments : )  If you are new to my blog I wanna let you know that I am offering BLOG CANDY! Your comment today automatically enters your name in the drawing for a chance to win : ) See THIS POST for all the details!

Why not consider joining the fun at Mojo Monday and create your own card from this weeks sketch!  I also wanted to share this funny story and card with the wonderful folks at the House Mouse and Friends blog.  If you have not checked out these two blogs I urge you to blurf around and see what crafters from all over the world are doing with House Mouse and this neat sketch!!

Thanks a bunch for cheering me on! this is my 46th card and I still have 56 days left to go : )


Solid cs SU
Washi Tape by "MT"
House Mouse image "Monica's Gift"
Sentiment: Birthday Classics: March Stamp Set by PTI


KT Fit Kitty said...

I loved your story and I cannot believe you had the presence of mind to take photos - brilliant! I just stand there squealing, paralyzed with fear - you did very well! I'm glad you were able to free him because I hate to see them suffer too - either alive or dead but not in pain. I have to admit he's pretty cute in the photo! In any event, your card is adorable - love the sweet image! Great use of the washi tape, rikrak, and stick pin too! Let's hope for no more mice, only on cards! Enjoy your day, Patti!

Carole Z said...

Loved your story Patti, he was so cute though! I love your card too, I'm a big House Mouse fan as well! I wouldn't want them in the house either, but we do get them in the garden around the Coop...twice this winter I forgot to empty the water bowl at night (I always put the hens food away) and came down to find a tiny little mouse had drowned in the water..not what I wanted to see first thing and I was actually quite upset, keep them coming on the cards though! Hugs Carole Z X

Rose said...

oh that poor little mouse!!!! :( so glad you set him free :)
**get a cat and you won't have to use traps ;)

sweet card!!!

Kim Heggins said...

Ahhhhh...such a sweet story and a happy ending too! And your card is so sweet.

America said...

Oh my goodness what a lovely Mousey story you have shared and so glad for the great photos. Im scared of real mice too (ha!), -but this little guy, well, he's precious and Im so glad you set him free. Proud of you for dealing with this all on your own and doing the right thing. :) Now about your crisp and adorable House-Mouse card, its way cute with the House-Mouse image, washi tape and colors. Thank you for playing with us at House Mouse and Friends Monday Challenge. This fits into the Anything Goes option well. Good Luck to you and hope to see you joining the fun again next time.

Beverly Ann said...

Awhhhh.... what a sweet little mouse :) so glad you set him free! I have a mouse story too you'll have to remind me to tell you sometime. It involves finding my husband "helping" the cat catch a mouse with one of my kitchen spatulas...ROTFL!!!

Theresa Krout said...

Love your mouse story. I fear I have been in that situation before but my mouse was not kindly let go. I always thought if you let them go they will come back. Thank goodness this has only happened to me once. Now our cat takes care of it!!
I love your house mouses! They are cute and we love them because they behave themselves. You never see their droppings, they never sneak around your feet and scare you and you never have to trap/kill or be in a situation like your story cause they stay just were we put them! Only come out when we want! House Mouse has such creative ways to help us love these little guys! Great card Patti!

Angela said...

What a wonderful story of compassion, Patti. The little mouse is so cute but I wouldn't want him as a house guest. Your card is equally as cute but happy, bright and very pretty, too!

Sue said...

The artist that draws the House Mouse Designs actually rescues mice!
She would like your story.
Your card is so cute. Thanks for joining us for the House Mouse and Friends Monday Challenge.


Helen F. said...

Oh what an adorable mouse -- on your sweet card!
I had to smile at your story, Patti~don't know how you managed to photo the mouse-trap-escapade, I know for a fact, I would be not so calm in the same situation ;-)

Jen said...

I'm no stranger to the occasional mouse in the house! Although I will say that since I got a couple of cats the mice don't seem to hang around as much! I love your card. That's one mouse I can tolerate!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I like House Mouse, although I don't care for the real thing!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Aqua! My favourite colour! Looks fab with the white and lime green. Gorgeous card. Lx

Asha said...

Mice ... they are cute to look at ... in a cartoon or on a stamp. But in real life.....eeeeyew! I wouldn't be able to kill it either. You did the right thing... he can move in with someone else.... while you play with HM. Cute card, by the way. Rosie is sending hugs too. Have a lovely weekend, my friend! Prayers for YOU too!
hugs, Asha

diana fernandez said...

I absolutely love this story!! And the house mouse is super cute!

ellyscard creatief said...

Very cute card.
Gr Elly

Beth F. said...

Eek! I thankfully have not seen a mouse in my house but you were a brave soul to take pictures of your endeavor! Your card is wonderful, I love your bright washi tape that you used.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, my word, now I think you should be a writer AS WELL as a stamp / sketch designer!! You had me on the edge of my seat! How did you have the presence of mind to take pictures? We are being tortured by a raccoon and I'm at the end of my rope. I'm calling the City tomorrow. We live in suburbia for heaven's sake! Unfortunately, I can't get a photo in the dusk and I don't think anyone wants to see photos of the skat!

It is funny that you like the house mouse stamps, isn't it?! Makes me laugh. Your cards are just adorable, Patti! Thanks for the entertainment!!

Hugs, Darnell

Marybeth said...

Oh my gosh, I would have died! I could not stand to see it in pain either but not welcome in the house . Oh my gosh and that little guy was way too cute. You are so brave and I love all the photos. Good girl!
Your card is gorgeous too, Patti!

Carmen M. said...

I love your embellishment. So creative.

Tracy said...

Thanks for joining House Mouse & Friends Monday challenge with this great entry, good luck.
Happy crafting
Mousey Hugs
Tracy x