Saturday, November 30, 2013

Keeping the home fires burning

Hello friends : ) I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I also hope you enjoyed a safe Black Friday shopping spree - if you took advantage of that.  I have never (ever) gone shopping on Black Friday.  I'm more a stay at home keep the leftovers warm for the shoppers kind of gal : )  One time (only once) Diane and I did a neckStyles™ show at a mall on black Friday.  While we normally enjoy great success at shows where people can see, feel and try on our scarves that year we were really disappointed!  We quickly learned that Black Friday is for the "Big Box" stores offering large screen TVs and Lap tops for pennies on the dollar! heehee we could not compete with the frenzy and thankfully we decided not to try.

Instead, this year I stayed snuggled up under a quilt chatting with my friends and family on Black Friday - enjoying the sunshine like a cat in a window LOL

These two cards were "hand quilted" by me : )  Two very different paper selections to make for two very different looking quilts.  I want to apologize for the terrible pictures! my lighting was off and no amount of Photoshop seems to have helped.

 These cards are super easy to create! simply cut or punch out squares, cut them on the diagonal - or leave them whole - like I did the 4 corners of the card in the top picture.  I like to create "boxes of four completed squares and then run them through an embossing folder for an added quilt like texture.  After each of my four (four square sections) are completed and embossed I tape them to the layer and then tape that whole piece to the card.  Both cards have been embossed the same way.  The bottom card has a more of a pronounced pinwheel in the center - standing out better than the one in the top picture  because of the papers I selected.

You can make your quilt simple or very intricate depending on the size squares you choose to use.

Please feel free to print out and copy this simple quilt design.  If you post your card please send me a link I would LOVE to see it!!

Have a wonderful day.


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