Monday, August 25, 2014

Time After Time

For the final challenge of the 2014 Stamp-A-Faire Nichole has challenged us! Here is what she writes:  Take this opportunity to reflect back on what this hobby has done for you and all the beautiful things you have made with your two hands and your heart!  Dig into your stash and find one of your early creations.  Utilize many of the same elements, colors or even the design to create a new card that embraces your current style.  Enjoy the process and be proud of how far you have come!

I was so surprised as I review the pictures of my early cards how CAS my style was then.  I know it was, in part, due to the lack of supplies I had on hand but I think I've gotten more "chunky" and embellished as I progressed in my card making style.  I may have gotten more chunky in other ways too but we won't talk about that! : p

I do not have any pictures of my very early cards but this one was created and photographed  in 2007.  My card style isn't the only thing that has changed LOL  I used a flat bed scanner to get my pictures.  That is the reason for the warped looking image.

And here is a card I created today. 

I tried to stick with the same basic design of my card today as the one from 2007.   When I first began playing on forums and message boards I used the name "ant me."  : )

One of my favorite card styles to make now is Square cards. A few other changes to my style have been the addition of die cuts which I am crazy for! A strong use of embossing which is on most of my cards (not this one LOL) and one of my favorite stamping additions has been the purchase of papertrey Ink products.  I believe I bought my very first set in 2007.  It was the Limitless Layers stamp set for making the Hershey Nugget wrappers.  I did that once or twice and never really gave PTI another look for many years.  I am happy to say they are now my favorite company and my supply of PTI product is really beginning to grow!

That is it for me  and my walk down my personal memory lane heehee

Have a great evening friends : )



KT Fit Kitty said...

I like both cards! It is fun to look back at how we made cards when we first started, isn't it! But you know I still love the simple style of your 2007 card and it reminds me of some of my first cards too. Of course your new card looks fresh and modern and I love the pop of red! Have a great day, Patti!

Jen said...

Isn't it fun to look back over cards you made ages ago? The evolution of our own style is not something we are consciously aware of so good thing we have photos to remind us! I think both cards are pretty!!

Asha said...

You're too hard on yourself, my friend. So you've definitely grown and honed your crafts but that only means Ant Me get it right from the get go. 7 years later ... perfection! LOVE the details, while still being true to the CAS style. Well done, Patti!
hugs, Asha

Helen F. said...

I'm just getting around to view some post from SAF. I love both of these cards, Patti~your style certainly has changed, but the CAS design is a 'classic' :) Today's card is awesome, great patterns and color choices!

Taunya Butler said...

Wow, what fun to see a card made by you years ago - the revamp is just as cute as the old one! I for one would be so scared to go back and look at my old cards - I was such a Simple stamper. Stamp an image - add a bow!! I really am impressed, you have had talent all these years!!

Marybeth said...

LOVE everything about this card! You are amazing ! Love the colors and red sentiment is beautiful. I never got to play even once if SAF:(

Carole Z said...

Such fun to see the card you made in the past, even though I seem to have been crafting forever, if I looked back 3 years to when I started blogging I would see how my style has so evolved. Your older card is really cute and today's card is stunning, hugs Carole Z X

Nora N. said...

I love looking back at people's old cards and viewing how their styles have changed. both cards are fabulous!! I love the colors of the second one-red and purple are fabulous together. Thank you for sharing!!