Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chris - BeachBum's recipe card

Chris is my very dearest and closest Papercrafting friend. We have met a couple of times including when she came to stay with me at my home last year. She is one of those rare people who when you meet you instantly feel a kindred sort of friendship with. She is so very sweet and tremendously talented!

I have more recipe cards from Chris than I have of my own because she is also very very generous. I hated picking just one card to share because you would drool over Chris's creativity!! but I decided to select only one. I chose this one because it is one of her cards that show her unique way of making a card interesting. See how she concealed the instructions to her recipe in a hidden pocket? and check out the tab - it is a piece of the same pattern paper she used on the front of her card. All of her cards are unique and all really really well done! I am honored to own so many of her creations! and to call her friend.


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