Saturday, March 14, 2009

A different kind of challenge

My friend Barb has four amazing children!. Her oldest, Katie is shy - really! shy!! I have worked for months just to get her to talk to me. Barb says she likes me but that she is just really introverted.
Katie loves scrapbooking! (it is a very good thing she does as her Mom owns my LSS) so scrapbooking is a large part of her life.
One day while I was in the store I challenged Katie. I selected two packs of identical embellishments from her Mom's clearance bin. I gave her one and I took one for myself. I asked Katie if she would like to do a "project swap" with me. She quietly said that she would like that! Victory!!
I told her we would each create something to swap. I told her she could use any other products she wanted but that she had to use at least half of the products in the package. I vowed to do the same.
Barb said Katie was nervous but excited about the challenge. Here are the projects we swapped. I received this amazing! scrapbook page featuring this sweet picture of Katie and she received this little card that I made. My picture of her 12x12" page is not very good - I don't photograph 12x12 pages normally so I don't have a very good set up to capture it in the best way but I hope you'll get the idea.

I think I got the best end of the deal!! Katie is quite a bit more open to chatting with me now - I may have finally won her friendship.

Thank you for looking : )

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Judy said...

Have I ever told you that you are an awesome person? What a sweet and creative way to reach out to Katie! I am very shy too so I know how she feels. :) I am so happy that I'm getting to know you, Patti. Your story just made my day. The projects you made are adorable too. :)
Big Hugs to You!