Sunday, March 8, 2009

Judy - dgbearsmom's recipe card

Judy if you could see me now I'm bowing! : ) ok, not really but Judy is one of the best papercrafters I know!! You must check out her blog. I visit her blog just about everyday as well. We have never met but we have been in quite a few recipe swaps together - she is another one I had a hard time selecting just one card to show you.

Judy, I must confess I have never tried making this recipe ... gulp! but I promise I will. I do not care for many kinds of seafood but I think I could try it if only I didn't have to use "clam juice" do you think I could skip that part! it is the only thing holding me back! LMK : )

No matter what though, I really love this card! : )


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