Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here is a pretty card I created. I like to offer multiple sentiments when I sell cards. The user can simply select the sentiment they like and adhere it to the card.

Not a calendar!

Funny, I have been reviewing my old posts and find I mostly post calendar pages in the last couple of years LOL Most of them! have never been completed (Oh my) at least I never posted the pictures of them.

Well this year's calendar is different!! I actually HAVE finished it and I am going to post all the pictures from August to December soon.  The reason I stopped is that I actually decided to create a similar calendar for 2013 for two of my sisters for their with BIG birthdays this year and I have not wanted them to see the end results until they get their gifts. I will be delivering one to Beverly in Indiana in July and the other to Susan who will be meeting us in South Dakota in August!! yahooee!! so after that I will post them I promise!!

While you wait with patient excitement heeheehee here is a sweet "ONE-OF-A-KIND" card I created a while ago.  I love how it turned out! I love the recipient!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.