Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giving Thanks

For as long as I can remember I have loved paper dolls. When I first saw the Paper Doll cartridge by Cricut I knew I "HAD" to have it! I found the face stamps from Peachy Keen Stamps and instantly fell in love with them.

Here is a 12x12 Scrapbook page I designed for my friends Barb and Lisa at Organized Chaos, my LSS (local Scrapbook store).

I'm bummed at how poor my pictures are turning out these last few posts but it is because I have been shooting the pictures after dark! No matter how much artificial light I use it never seems to be as good as when it is sunny outside. I hope you can enjoy them in spite of that.

: ) Patti

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wisconsin has it's first hard frost!

How strange that it has come so late in the year. Last night I saw the prediction on that we would get our frost so I made this card for my dear ol' Dad who is enjoying a frost free life in Florida.

Here is a little fall for you Dad. : )

With love, Pppppppatti

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something for your funny bone

Goodbye Summer

I can't believe it is already the second week of October and we have not yet gotten our first frost. My flowers are looking wonderful and strong. Any night now the temperature will dip to 32 and then they'll be gone for the year. So before the frost ushers in the winter here are a few cards to remind us that spring will come again. : )

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is your favorite food this time of year?

Living in northern Wisconsin is so much fun. Fall is in the air and there are signs all around that winter is coming soon. I was sitting in the living room the other day and spotted this Pileated Woodpecker. We see many different varieties of woodpeckers daily and they tend to be camera shy so I grabbed the closest camera (a little 2 megapixel point and shoot) and shot this picture of the woodpecker through the window. I wanted to try to get a little closer so I quietly stepped out the back door and there was this deer just inside the woods staring at me. I shot a few pictures of her then carefully walked to the side of the house to get more pictures of the bird. As it turns out "Woody" flew off before I could take more pictures but the deer stayed frozen in the same spot until some time after I went back in the house.

Fall is my favorite time of year! The maple leaves are turning right now - changing to bight colors of red, orange and yellow mmmmmmm : ) it makes the trees look like they are on fire. The air is crisp and it just feels like warm bread and homemade soup.

Tell me, what is your favorite fall weather food?


It's a Wonderful Life!

Welcome "followers" : )

Thank you Dad for signing up as a follower I always KNEW! I was your favorite : ) But an ostrich? as an icon??? I've seen you run and... well Dad.... maybe you should put a picture of George the bear in as your icon instead LOL!

Hi Janice and Theresa : ) I'm happy you joined us too - get ready for some fun. We gotta get our pictures on this bog girls!... you first. : )

Those of you who don't know her, meet Cheryl, she is by far one of the kindest - most generous people I have ever known. Even though we have never met face to face she is a real sister to me! Love your hair! by the way : )

(((Hugs)) to you all - have a fantastic day today!!