Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome "followers" : )

Thank you Dad for signing up as a follower I always KNEW! I was your favorite : ) But an ostrich? as an icon??? I've seen you run and... well Dad.... maybe you should put a picture of George the bear in as your icon instead LOL!

Hi Janice and Theresa : ) I'm happy you joined us too - get ready for some fun. We gotta get our pictures on this bog girls!... you first. : )

Those of you who don't know her, meet Cheryl, she is by far one of the kindest - most generous people I have ever known. Even though we have never met face to face she is a real sister to me! Love your hair! by the way : )

(((Hugs)) to you all - have a fantastic day today!!



Stampattack said...

Hi Im not computer savy .. sorry .. so I signed up as a follower but it wont show my picture.. I wanna have a picture too.. how do I get that to happen?? How come Dad is smarter than me.. Dad did you forget to teach me about blogging and computer stuff? Who knew we would live in such a world.. Yikes.. xxoo susan

Ol' Dingbat said...

Susan, It's so easy a cavegirl could do it!