Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is your favorite food this time of year?

Living in northern Wisconsin is so much fun. Fall is in the air and there are signs all around that winter is coming soon. I was sitting in the living room the other day and spotted this Pileated Woodpecker. We see many different varieties of woodpeckers daily and they tend to be camera shy so I grabbed the closest camera (a little 2 megapixel point and shoot) and shot this picture of the woodpecker through the window. I wanted to try to get a little closer so I quietly stepped out the back door and there was this deer just inside the woods staring at me. I shot a few pictures of her then carefully walked to the side of the house to get more pictures of the bird. As it turns out "Woody" flew off before I could take more pictures but the deer stayed frozen in the same spot until some time after I went back in the house.

Fall is my favorite time of year! The maple leaves are turning right now - changing to bight colors of red, orange and yellow mmmmmmm : ) it makes the trees look like they are on fire. The air is crisp and it just feels like warm bread and homemade soup.

Tell me, what is your favorite fall weather food?



Jennie Skaggs said...

I might have to say Spring....I love fall but it gets dark too early. Springtime is similar but as time goes on it gets lighter and lighter.

Jennie Skaggs said...

OOPS...what was I talking about....LOL. I read that totally wrong. My favorite food.....probably baked apples....or sweet potatoes...though I eat sweet potatoes all year.

Ol' Dingbat said...

Liver sauage sandwitches [Take a hunk of German black bread squeeze a hot liversausage out of the skin right on the bread...and ENJOY !!
Add Beer to "rinse" the sandwith down!

Anonymous said...

Chili. I love that in the fall and home baked bread. yum!