Sunday, March 22, 2020

I've missed you!

Hello friends : )

I am know to be long winded with my posts LOL (like I have to tell you). But being that I really don't have very much time today I am going to do my best to keep this short and sweet : )


I am doing very well! I am strong and healthy as are my family members : ) Praise the Lord!! I hope you can report the same!

I am working full time - full time now not just kinda of full time.  It wasn't meant to go this way but I am blessed to be able to help my husband and sons and so during this season of life.  The work is tedious but rewarding.

In my spare time I have finished a couple of paintings like this one : )

Moved my quilt forward...

Horrible picture! but the colors in this "crazy quilt" are lime green, gray, black, green and white : ) 

...and continued to make cards.  My father and step mother are in quarantine which is breaking our hearts! because, especially my father, is very confused as to why he cant see his wife or children! : (  My dad is in a nursing home - separated from his wife.  My step mom is in an assisted living facility.  Sigh

 I still have a few shut ins besides my parents that I send weekly cards to so my card making continues to be an important part of my month.  Right now I am making my cards up a month ahead of time.  I love making cards!! and blogging!! and visiting my friends blogs but there are simply not enough hours in my day any longer.  Whew!

I'm very sorry about the poor quality of my photographs.  The pictures of my painting and the quilt were taken with my phone ... bad idea! and I'm scratching my head as to why the card picture looks so grainy and over saturated.  My monitor may be the culprit but I haven't been able to get the "IT department" to look at it! LOL

Thant is it for me : )  I am trying to find time to pop in and visit all of you now and then and I appreciate YOU taking time out of your day to pop in to see me!! : )

I am praying that the trial we are all experiencing is leading you to the Only One who can offer peace and comfort and hope and not just for now but for eternity... Jesus Christ.  : )

BIG (((hugs)))

p.s. My captions refuse to show up under the pictures so here they are.... 

Watercolor painting:The watercolor paper this is painted on is 12 x 16"

Horrible picture! but the colors in this "crazy quilt" are lime green, gray, black, green and white : )