Sunday, March 22, 2020

I've missed you!

Hello friends : )

I am know to be long winded with my posts LOL (like I have to tell you). But being that I really don't have very much time today I am going to do my best to keep this short and sweet : )


I am doing very well! I am strong and healthy as are my family members : ) Praise the Lord!! I hope you can report the same!

I am working full time - full time now not just kinda of full time.  It wasn't meant to go this way but I am blessed to be able to help my husband and sons and so during this season of life.  The work is tedious but rewarding.

In my spare time I have finished a couple of paintings like this one : )

Moved my quilt forward...

Horrible picture! but the colors in this "crazy quilt" are lime green, gray, black, green and white : ) 

...and continued to make cards.  My father and step mother are in quarantine which is breaking our hearts! because, especially my father, is very confused as to why he cant see his wife or children! : (  My dad is in a nursing home - separated from his wife.  My step mom is in an assisted living facility.  Sigh

 I still have a few shut ins besides my parents that I send weekly cards to so my card making continues to be an important part of my month.  Right now I am making my cards up a month ahead of time.  I love making cards!! and blogging!! and visiting my friends blogs but there are simply not enough hours in my day any longer.  Whew!

I'm very sorry about the poor quality of my photographs.  The pictures of my painting and the quilt were taken with my phone ... bad idea! and I'm scratching my head as to why the card picture looks so grainy and over saturated.  My monitor may be the culprit but I haven't been able to get the "IT department" to look at it! LOL

Thant is it for me : )  I am trying to find time to pop in and visit all of you now and then and I appreciate YOU taking time out of your day to pop in to see me!! : )

I am praying that the trial we are all experiencing is leading you to the Only One who can offer peace and comfort and hope and not just for now but for eternity... Jesus Christ.  : )

BIG (((hugs)))

p.s. My captions refuse to show up under the pictures so here they are.... 

Watercolor painting:The watercolor paper this is painted on is 12 x 16"

Horrible picture! but the colors in this "crazy quilt" are lime green, gray, black, green and white : ) 


Mac Mable said...

Thank you so much for the update and I am so pleased that you and your family are strong and healthy x. Take it easy, when you can, now that you are working full time x.
Such a beautiful card with an eye catching design and you are missed too x.
Stunning painting and you really must frame it and hang it on the wall.
The quilt is super adorable, with a fun and fabulous design x.
Well done on continuing to make cards and I am sure they will be hugely appreciated. My heart goes out to your father and step mother. Such very hard times for all our loved ones x.
Thinking of you Patti, stay well and safe and sending love and hugs x

kiwimeskreations said...

What a difficult time you are having - it's good to know that you and yours are well - I feel for your father, that must be so confusing for him :(
Your card is exquisite Patti, as is your painting and that quilt is so sweet!
Stay safe

Jeanne said...

So good to see and hear from you Patti! Waht a lovely update. Sounds like you are very busy but in mostly good ways. The card is lovely. The watercolor is fantastic. And the quilt looks so comfy cozy! I hope someday you will have more time to do the things you love. In the meantime, we'll take whatever updates you can share! Big air hugs!

I Card Everyone said...

You have triple talents, Patti - and probably WAY more that you don't share here!
LOve the AI panel, and that sweet little oval die.
OH MY GRACIOUS do I love your painting!!
and what little kid wouldn't make this quilt their life-long favorite?
Well done, Patti … no worries... stay well!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Oh, that is good news that you are just busy and not ill. I was a bit worried as I have missed you. But I can see you are still using your talents to cheer people up and working full time too so it is understandable that you are not having time to blog or visit much. We are fine here too and keeping in touch with family by phone, skype, Facetime or email. Stay healthy now and stay safe. Big hugs from South Dakota. I love the quilt and painting.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hi, Patti! I'm glad you're doing okay! Your card, painting, and quilt are all so beautiful! You're lucky that you are still working. Nova Scotia is on lockdown and only essential businesses are open. We can only leave our homes for groceries, medicine, or to take a walk, and have to stay 6 feet from anyone if we are out. I hope you can still call your father and step-mom to keep their spirits up. I'm calling my parents every day to make sure they're okay. Stay healthy, my friend.

Bobby said...

Your painting is absolutely gorgeous, Patti! I'm glad you've found time to keep at it. I've been doing some quilting too, two in the works but a while away from finishing. Your baby quilt is adorable.

Linda said...

Oh my gosh Patti, your painting and quilt are absolutely beautiful. You are so talented.
We are doing ok. My sister has been sick with a cold and Ramie has been sick with a fever and cough, but she is recovering as we speak. She has been tested and we hope to have the results by tomorrow. The triplets are fine but we haven't seen them for over a week, because Ramie has been sick. Anyway everyone else including my dad are doing fine. So glad to hear you are doing well.

Vikki H said...

Wow! you hit a home run or three with these photos (dark or not)! That oval die is intriguing. What a blessing your painting and quilting must be in your "spare" time to relax and refocus your creativity. It must be so hard for the elderly with memory issues to absorb the changes. It is for me. Blessings always to you and yours.

*Vicki* said...

It's great to see one of your postings my friend and glad to know that you're healthy and staying active with your work and other crafty projects my dear!! I'm so sorry to hear about your father and step-mother and hope that they remain healthy as well as you and the rest of your family!! Peace and hugs

Barbara said...

Hi Pattie, I saved this post so that I could come back and make a comment. I am so happy that you are healthy and able to work fulltime. I hope that does not wear you down. Your card and quilt are amazing I love the colors of that quilt. But your picture is jaw-dropping and over the top grand. You should be proud.

Darnell said...

So glad that you guys are doing well, Patti! My jaw dropped open when I saw your sunflower! It is exquisite!! I hope you are framing your paintings! Your card is beautiful, too. Take care, my friend, and be well!! 😷 Hugs, Darnell

Nancy said...

Hey there! I have been thinking about you so much! First, don't you work so hard that you get warn out! Second, Your poor dad and his wife, this truly breaks my heart! It's best for them but can't imagine he understands the severity of what the world is dealing with! My dad doesn't understand much either and I just recently got him out of a rehab facility two days before they closed the doors. He was supposed to stay another week and he wanted to go home, so I said okay! I wasn't concerned about this at the time. I can't believe this is where we are in the world, I don't know how to act or even think anymore. We don't know why Florida isn't in shelter in place yet. I am still working, the teachers don't have to come in but the rest of the staff does. I think next week I may use some of my sick time. Not to mention, the staff is going to run out of things to do. Okay, that is probably more info than you really needed. As for your sunflower! OMG! And your quilt!!! Incredible! I am so jealous of your talents! BIG BIG Hugs and stay safe!

Kim Heggins said... are such a talented lady. Love your painting and quilt, so beautiful. And your card too, you are so amazing!!! Take care!

Lynne in NI said...

And I've missed you too Patti! Glad to hear you are well (and busy!). It's awful not being able to see your parents, I'm so looking forward to being able to give my Mum a big hug when this nightmare is all past.
LOVE your card, your painting is amazing and your quilt is so pretty! Our local park has different art exhibits during the year and the last time we were there someone had made the most amazing quilt with one little square for each day of her year. Some were things she had done that day, others just thoughts and feelings. Her last one made me giggle... 'Glad this year is over' (it had obviously been a good idea at the time and by the time she was fed up she was too committed by then LOL)

Loll said...

Hello back, Patti! I have missed you! Glad you and your family are well and that your absence is because you are helping your family business. Your card is beautiful with that blue watercoloured background. Your sunflower is AMAZING --- wow! You are so talented! And your quilt. My gosh, you have so many talents, my friend!

Take care and stay save. xx

Colleen said...

Thank you so much for this update, and to know you and your family are all well is a big relief and a blessing. I can say the same here, did get get the flu big time...high fever, nearly 104, went to the hospital per doctors orders because of her suppressed imune system, she was given fluid and when they new is was "just the flu", gave her what she needed to help the symptoms. She is fine now, although has a sore throat that seems to be lingering. We are all quarantining our selves, I have a daughter that grocery shops for me, since I care for my 98 year old father, I am very careful where I have been so as not to infect him with I am home also, gosh, just playing with stamps! and doing a lot of walking outside!! Your card and your quilt are simply amazing...that painting...sigh, I wish, but we all have our gifts, don't we? Continue to stay safe and healthy! And we love seeing you whenever you have time to post our creations! Love to you!
Heart Hugs, Colleen