Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stick out your tongue!

...and say ahhhhh.....

I am going to be off-line for a little while. It appears my bran new computer has gotten a bug! : ( As soon as my sweet hubster can get to it he will fix me back up but until then it isn't safe for me to be on the internet. This will only be temporary - please don't forget me!! : ) Patti


Janice W. said...

Don't be gone for too long! I will miss you!

GiftsByHeidi said...

That is such a cute pic! Love how you just highlighted her tongue! Thanks for the smile first thing this morning!

Anonymous said...

who could forget you Patti. You're unforgettable. I'm so sorry you've got the bug and I hope your Hubster can get rid of it so your up and running soon!
P.S Your grand daughter is So cute! Love that picture. It's a great make you wanna smile picture.

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