Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saving the best for last!!

My friend Janice sent me TWO Stampin' Up stamp sets for my birthday for no other reason than that she is amazing!! One of the sets she sent, Fresh Cuts, has a great 3.5 x 3.25" collage image. I used that image on this card on the far left. Knowing Janice loves House Mouse I added Mudpie, one of the delightful creatures in the House Mouse Family. This image is called "Sweet Dreams". I combined the two images using one of my favorite products, Masking Magic. Masking Magic is a Therm O Web product. It is simple to use!! I stamped my sleeping Mudpie on the card stock and then stamped the same image on a sheet of Masking Magic. I cut out the image from my Masking Magic sheet and carefully peeled off the paper backing. This left a super thin sheet of clear "cling" that I positioned exactly over the image I had stamped on my card stock.

Are you following me?? : ) Don't let me confuse you - this is a very easy product to use.

After my image was carefully covered with the Masking Magic I inked up my Fresh Cuts collage image and stamped it on my card stock. Some of the image went right over the face of my House Mouse image but after I removed the piece of Masking Magic the overlap was removed leaving a new image on my cardstock created by both images! My sheet of Masking Magic removed very easily because it has a "cling like" tackiness to it and yet it does not actually stick to the cardstock. Because of this it is not going to move or shift on you when you are stamping and it is re-usable. Doesn't this product open up a wealth of options for combining different stamped images? Try it yourself and if you need any help let me know!! : )

The rest of my card came together with a little help from a friend (*wink*) I struggled with how to finish off the upper right hand corner. The end result is three strips of black card stock and a self adhesive pearl by KAISERscrapbook. Love this card! Love you Janice!! thank you for your generous! gift and for the gift of your friendship!!

Have a great day friends and stay cool! : )

(((Hugs))) Patti


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha you already know I'm easily confused. Thanks for breaking it down for us.
That was awesome of Janice . . . Maybe she would like a new friend it me? whadda you think? My birthday is only a couple month away : )

The card is precious. I just love lilac's and of course the house mouse image. It's a beauty of a card!!
I missed seeing everyones blogs. yours is no exception!


GiftsByHeidi said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! How nice of her to send you the stamp sets! Hope you're doing well!

Judy said...

Okay, Patti - first of all I NEVER would have thought to combine a collage image with a House Mouse - that's just so awesome! It looks great! Second of all - where the heck do I buy that Masking Magic stuff? I love masking, but I hate stamping on the post it note or whatever, and then trying to stick it to the image - it's just a major pain. I think I would pay good money for some of that stuff. Thanks for sharing your card and the info. I never heard of that before.

Janice W. said...

Patti, you are too much!! I love the card and can't wait to get it in my hands!! And thanks so much for explaining the Masking Magic. I have not heard of that product either. Looks like I will have to "google" that. :) Thanks for your friendship and kindness!

RDH said...

Wow Patti!!! That sounds like a great product!! TFS!!! That card is just adorable!!

Jessie said...

What a beautiful card, love the lilac and HM image! Thanks for sharing the info on that great product and technique! I'm always learning new things from you :)

Susan said...

Patti, that is just down right adorable.....cute.....and awesome! Are you getting the idea yet that I love this card??? LOL! I love masking and you did an awesome job with this go girl!