Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Countdown Calendar

A VIP (Very Important Princess) turned 4 years old yesterday. My granddaughter, Katelyn anticipated her big day with a little help from Grandma and Grandpa : ) I created this little "countdown" calendar for her and filled it with some gifts & treats. Some of the gifts were too large to fit into the (about 3" diameter) tin. Those I wrapped and numbered and suggested that my daughter tuck them away until the appropriate day arrived. Starting 10 days before her big day Katelyn opened her tin and found a message from us and her gift. My daughter, Sarah, was really wild about Advent Calendars when she was a little girl so I hoped her little girl would get a kick out of this variation of the countdown calendars her Mom enjoyed : )
I covered a cookie sheet with wrapping paper. I created a sign using my Paper Doll Cricut Cartridge. Notice the little birthday princess' dress was cut from the same wrapping paper : ) Each tin was decorated with ribbon around the sides of the tin. Each little tin has a removable cover that is glass so I concealed the contents of the tin by putting colored paper inside. It was really colorful and fun. I created each tin topper and added plenty of glitter! I placed a magnetic strip on the bottom of the tin so that it would cling to the cookie sheet. The calendar can be hung up on the wall by the hole on the cookie sheet handle : )
After seeing this countdown calendar I made for Katelyn, my friend, Diane said SHE wants one! for her birthday heeheehee Some "kids" never grow up!
Thank you for looking : )


GiftsByHeidi said...

Awesome idea! Love it. I bet your granddaughter loved it too!

Susan said...

I agree with Heidi......totally awesome. Very creative.

Janice W. said...

Wow how creative! You are so talented!

nermalski said...

What a fabulous grandma and grandpa she has.
You made a creative, fun time for her with the countdown tins. Love it.
I love your kitchen cards/album as well.
But the countdown takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

Patti!! You brilliant Grandma. you!... What an idea. It's going to be a huge hit with her. The countdown calendar is so pretty! all the details are perfect. It looks like you put a whole lot of work into this one.. And I'm sure she will treasure it. what a fun and fabulous idea.

Anne said...

Wow- that is absolutely incredible Patti! I bet your granddaughter is loving it!