Saturday, June 30, 2018

Remember me?

Hello friends : )  I hope you haven't forgotten me - I have been so busy and distracted that my blog and blog visiting are seriously lacking!! Thank you for stopping by today and just to reward you for hanging in there wish me here is a little joke to brighten your day.... I hope:

I was asked if I wanted to be an Organ Donor.  I told them if you can get it out of my basement it’s yours!!

And that goes for just about anything in my house right now! if you wanna come get it - it's yours! LOL  My "donation and garage sale piles" are towering but neither one have yet to overtake my "this is going to New Mexico pile".  It's coming along : )

Don't feel too bad for me though I am having a blast and I am getting plenty of time away from packing!! This is a photo heavy post so if it is cards you are looking for skip all the family stuff and scroll down to the bottom to see a couple quick and easy Graduation cards : ) 

Our daughter and SIL lost their home to a fire in early May : ( it was devastating but not as devastating as it could have been.  My SIL and one grandson were home sleeping and had to escape from a second story window.  The house and contents were 100% lost. : ( but we praise God that those were only "things".

I have been working on this queen size quilt for (I'm ashamed to say) MANY years!! I pulled it out and finished it to send to our daughter this week. I wish I would have ironed it before taking this picture - but you get the idea.  I photographed the quilt on a king sized so that pattern shows up better : ) 

Our "student", Nayeli celebrated a birthday last week.  She invited us to her dormitory where the whole group cooked for us.  It was a blast.  This picture only shows a fraction of the group.  My husband, Bob and I were really feeling our age by the end of the night because there was LOUD music and dancing and much!! hilarity!! mostly in Spanish mind you LOL 

Bob and I have gotten in lots and lots of bike rides. It is a fantastic stress reliever!

We continue to enjoy the tremendous food our adopted kids cook for us at the Mexican restaurant! 

And I have actually created a few cards here and there! heeheehee

I made these cards early last month for a couple of graduations in the family. : ) They were fun and really super easy.

Thank you for hanging in there with me : ) One more joke to reward you for your tenacity! : ) 

As the herd of cows were traveling, one of them was falling behind.  She shouted out to the others that she could not run any faster..... "slow down, my calves are killing me!" 

Ok, sorry that was a mean trick making you wait for that! LOL 

BIG (((HUGS)))


Patti said...

Thank you so much for visiting!! I appreciate YOU!

Loll said...

So sorry to hear about the devastating fire at your daughter and SIL's house. Very sad that all the contents were lost, but thankful that everyone was fine and made it out in time. How scary!

Gorgeous quilt Patti! They are going to love this ... especially since it was made by you with love.

Enjoyed seeing all the pics of your delicious Mexican meal, birthday party and bike riding. You have a full schedule with fitting in the packing as well.

Your graduation cards are adorable. Love the shaker part! xx

Kim Heggins said...

Your post is so all your wonderful photos! That quilt is simply amazing, ironed or not! So sorry to hear about your daughter and SIL's home, can't even begin to imagine. Good luck with your cleaning and packing and love your sweet graduation cards!

Carole Z said...

Hi Patti, remember me?? lol! Firstly I am so sorry to hear about the devastating fire your daughter suffered, this happened to my friend and it really does hurt badly, but as long as everyone is physically ok. I loved seeing all your photos...catch me up when you have the chance. I am finally thinking about crafts again,,,our Doodle, Baffi is a year old in a few days and life is settling down at last...not that he isn't still a bundle of energy, going from puppy to teen in one fell swoop. I loved reading your post and that Grad card is amazing! Sending lots of hugs, Carole Z xxx

Carole Z said...

PS how did I forget to say, what a wonderful quilt! It will be treasured for generations xxx

Birgit said...

What a beautiful quilt and fabulous cards for your grads! I'm so glad your daughter and her family are safe. What a sad loss but so thankful they're ok. What a fun filled post! All your photo's, stories and jokes make me smile.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh no, I'm glad your daughter and family are okay but that's so sad that they lost their house and everything in it. You are right, "things" can be replaced. So happy no one was hurt. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and will be so appreciated by your daughter. I enjoyed reading your update, Patti. I know I haven't been here much, but it looks like you are packing and moving. If so, I wish you well with that. I hope all goes smoothly. Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer so far, with parties, bicycling, and good food. You've made some very nice graduation cards - that's an awesome die you used! Thanks for the corny jokes too! Enjoy your day!

Verna Angerhofer said...

That is so sad that your daughter and son in law lost their home but I am overjoyed that the family is all okay. The material things can be replaced. And, I am sure they will love the quilt you gave them. It will certainly be treasured and you have shown how very talented again you are with it's making. Looks like it was a fun birthday celebration. And, I love those graduation shaker cards you made too. You take care and good luck with all the sorting and decision making on what to take with you to your new home.

Marcia HIll said...

Oh could anyone forget YOU?!! What a lovely post...I enjoyed EVERY picture!! Your quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS...your daughter is going to LOVE it!! I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter and SIL's home and the sad but so glad that it was only "things" lost and not lives!! Loved the birthday celebration photos and the bike ride and Bob are definitely enjoying a full life! And of course your cards are absolutely wonderful...CAS perfection!! Oh, and loved the jokes too my friend!! :0)

Mac Mable said...

So enjoyed your blog post Patti but of course not about your daughter and SIL.
What an amazing quilt, you are so creative and clever x.
Sounds like a great party an dyes I would be feeling my age too x.
The bike rides and the food that was cooked for you look fabulous x.
Wonderful cards and great die cuts.
Thank you for the fun joke x
Glad all the preparations are going well x.
Sending love and hugs

Vikki H, southern Oregon said...

Oh, my you've had lots of good reasons for not blogging. What a blessing in the midst of loss to know that your family is safe. Your beautiful quilt is a wonderful new start to remaking their home again. I love all of your stories, photos and news bits and of course my calves will be killing me this week in the gym!

Nancy said...

I am so sad to read about the fire! You have such a kind heart and I know that gorgeous quilt will mean the world to them! You have been so busy so it's no wonder you haven't been blogging. I am so impressed with that fact that you posted anything mind you and made two fabulous cards in the midst of your packing and moving. Looks like Nayelis is trying to keep you all hip and maybe hard of hearing! LOL Cyber hugs to you!!! Love the jokes!

Lisa Elton said...

Oh my sweet friend, you may be gone from bogland for bits of time, but you could NEVER be forgotten! I'm so sorry to hear of the fires and loss. Thank goodness your family was spared. The quilt you finished for your daughter is lovely and I'm sure will bring her the feeling of being wrapped in your love. Your bike rides and party time look like fun, yummy food too! Cute grad cards, what a fun design! Hope you had (or will have) a great visit with Michele & Tom. They are just the bee's knees, we love them to bits!

*Vicki* said...

Well life happens and we all know how time can get away from us! You've had plenty of reasons for not posting. Sorry to hear about your daughter's fire, but glad everyone is OK. Gorgeous quilt and such a lovely post my friend! TAKE CARE!

Colleen said...

Patti...I was away and am just now catching up...Life is getting busier it seems! Your pictures were a delight to see and the cards are awesome...I may need that die, I love the simplicity of the graduation cards!! Heart Hugs friend...have a wonderful weekend!!

Tracey McNeely said...

Patty I am so sorry to hear about the first at your SIL's house, that is one of my greatest fears. I am so glad that they escaped, it could have been so much worse. Thanks for the laughs and the pics love the graduation card!

Lynne in NI said...

That's awful news about your daughter's house but at least everyone is safe and sound. I never get upset about things getting broken or damaged but it would be so hard to lose absolutely everything. I'm sure they were delighted to receive your beautiful quilt.
Great Grad cards, that's a fab die to use for a shaker!

Jeanne said...

Catching up after being on vacation. I am SO sorry to hear of the fire and the losses your daughter and her family have endured. So thankful that the main loss were things that can be replaced. What a gorgeous quilt! Thank you for sharing it! Wonderful family photos and cards as well. Giggled at the jokes. Thanks for catching us up, even though all the news wasn't happy. Good luck with all aspects of the move. :)