Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

I guess I'm neither interesting or weird because it has been almost impossible for me to come up with anything "interesting" to say LOL! but here goes this is as weird and as interesting as I get : )
1. I have aided in the capture and arrest to two bank robbers (in two different hold ups).
2. I can't stand taking a shower until I brush my teeth.
3. I can make the call of a Common Loon, an Owl and an Orangutan so convincing that I can get the creature to "answer" me when I do it outside : ) ....ok, I've never really made the Orangutan call outside in the jungle or even in a zoo but all my friends and family do believe it is a real Orangutan when they hear me make the call. Loons and owls will answer me when I make their call : ) ... it's a gift heeheehee
4. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tounge (completely without the use of my hands). I do have a "how-to" video for sale if anyone is interested.
OK, I guess I'm on a roll because this is getting sort of wierd! LOL
5. I have won awards for both my photography and my cardmaking. blush
6. My Mom ALWAYS liked ME best - no matter what my kid brother, thinks.
7. I have more "virtual" friends than I do "real" friends LOL eeek!!!

Ok, I'm off to tag:

Suzanne because she started this! : )

I hope some of my "new" freinds will play along and meet some of my "old" friends and visit their blog too.

Have a great day! Patti


Lauri said...

Oh boy! Thank you!!!! I have taken the last few days off from everything, so I will catch up today! Thanks!


Patti - thank you so much!!! I really love your cards, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will be playing along and add this to my blog. Hugs, T

Lauri said...

Hey thank you! I will be catching up and posting this ! thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patti for tagging me! I'll have to post this soon on my blog. You are both interesting and FUN! I was laughing to myself at some of the things on your list. And was impressed by other parts on the list! It was fun reading.
Have a great day

Janice W. said...

Hi Patti,
Suzanne tagged me too, but I haven't come up with much of anything to write about. Your post made me think of something. I am impressed with the things you can do. You are a gal with many talents!! Time to go update my blog. :) Janice

Anonymous said...

I'm just not interesting : ( I still cannot come up with 7 things !!!
You made it a hard act to follow. lol