Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello Young Lovers

My darling DH and I want to wish all of you a VERY Happy Valentines Day!! We hope you get to spend it with one who loves you to pieces and makes you laugh!!

Bob and Patti

p.s. do you like our dancin' duds??


Anonymous said...

Hello Patty... thank you very much for visiting my blog and living a sweet comment... I have been browsing your blog and it is fabulous...Happy Valentines to you too. HUGS...SK :)

Judy said...

These people look familiar. I think I may have seen them where I was just visiting my in-laws. :) (They live in south Texas and those Winter Texans are big on square dancing down there.) It's really a cute image.

Hope you and your DH had a wonderful valentine's day!


Susan said...

You are a hoot Patti!!!!! Love this's hysterical.

GiftsByHeidi said...

That is so funny, Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! LOL those two are quite the pair. Made me giggle.
I hope you and DH had a perfectly sweet valentines day!

eviledna said...

Had to come back and have a look at this, it's so funny, I think this is the best Valentine I,ve seen.
Take care & keep smiling