Thursday, April 9, 2009

Send the rain!

It feels a little like I've needed a card like this myself lately. But I am back in the pink!! and Praising the Lord! that I feel better mmmmmm : )

This image was given to me by my friend Judy. She will leave a comment here, no doubt, because she is so faithful!! and she will have to tell us both! what this image is called!!. I have never owned one of these little stamps. It is cute right!? but doesn't she look like she needs a smile to you? Lets vote! who thinks she looks better with a mouth LOL come on tell me what you think : )

I love the red swirl patterned paper!! It is called Flutterby (probably because there are butterflies on the reverse side). The other pp was just from my scrap bin. I colored our little gal with watercolor pencils and highlighted the rain drops and splash on her hand with 3D Crystal Lacquer : ) My sentiment is crooked.... yes it really is crooked but it is a rub-on that I rubbed on crooked! (I'm rolling my eyes right now!) anyway it is a rub-on by MSE! "My Sentiments Exactly".

Love this card and I hope you will too. If you have some rain in your life please e-mail me and say: "Send the rain!" and I will send this card to you. If I get more than one request I'll compromise but I'll send you something to brighten your day. It'll be my way to send some hugs to anyone who might need them and to celebrate feeling better!! and having my computer back!! and the fact that it is spring!! and that God IS in charge and it won't rain forever!! woo hoo!!

BIG (((Hugs))) Patti

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Susan said...

Hi Patti! That's Tilda which is by Magnolia from Sweden. The Magnolia stamps are all the rage in Europe. Took me a bit to get use to these...especially with them missing some facial features...LOL! I love them now though. Not sure how to cast my vote on if I think they need mouths since I got use to them not having any. Your card is adorable!

Judy said...

Hi Patti! Here is your faithful friend Judy leaving you a comment. :) I just love your card. Red and yellow are one of my very favorite color combos. I don't know why I always tend to use soft or dusty colors with these images. I really like the deeper colors that you used here. So cute! Your paper is perfect too.

The name on the back of the stamp package says "Rain Regniga Tilda". I just call her "Tilda with Umbrella". Most of the Magnolia stamps have simple names like that. Maybe their names are fancier in Swedish.

I love that you drew a smile on her face too! Maybe the Magnolia purists would disagree, but I think they need smiles too. :)


Theresa K said...

Patti a wonderful card that can cheer anyone up. I think it needs the smile especially in these hard times, we all need all the smiles we can bare-to-share! Great job, Theresa

Janice W. said...

Hi Patti,
I like her more with a smile. I haven't really warmed up to the Magnolia stamps, though they seem to be all the rage.
Hugs, Janice